Hi, I'm Charlotte!

Creator of the Love Your Caregiving Life Podcast and Caregiver Coach


My Story

I started my caregiving journey in 2013 when my husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We quickly learned that the cancer had spread and that there was very little chance of him ever being cancer free. Within a matter of a week our lives were permanently changed and we struggled to figure out how to deal with it all. I was stressed out, overwhelmed and scared. I was a mess most of the time but tried to keep life as normal as possible for my family and tried to make it seem like I had everything under control... but I didn't.

Finally an aha moment made me realize that I had the skills I needed in order to turn my life around all along! Someone mentioned to me that I might want to try meditation to help me and it was like a slap in the face. Here I was, a meditation and yoga teacher myself, helping people handle their own stress and I wasn’t using those skills to help myself.

After spending a lot of time stumbling through life as a caregiver, I was able to turn things around and use my training and experience to finally start enjoying my caregiving life

I would like to use what I have learned to make it easier for other caregivers to find their way to loving their lives again. I'm here to support caregivers on their way to thriving instead of just surviving and burnt out.  

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