Welcome to a place where caregivers can feel seen, heard and supported. 


Hi! I'm Charlotte

Spousal Caregiver, Podcaster, Educator, Yoga Teacher, Mom and Wife.


For me, your happiness is personal!

After struggling for years to figure out how to be a caregiver, I finally decided I had to make a change so I could find happiness through the hardships of that role. What started as a search to figure out how to love my caregiving life turned into a coaching program to help other caregivers learn from my own experiences.  

The stress you are under, as a caregiver, makes it difficult to be a spouse and a parent. Caregiving is overwhelming. The lack of sleep, the uncertainty of what to expect in the near future and trying to figure out how to care for someone makes it difficult to think things through and problem solve. You know that things need to change but you have no energy to figure out what needs to be done to relieve the worry you are experiencing and the stress and anxiety it causes. You may be feeling the helplessness of caregiver burnout and would love to have someone pull you aside and show you the way.

I’d like to be that person for you, that is why I help caregivers. Getting through the loneliness that comes from feeling misunderstood, undervalued and unheard is hard to do without someone by your side. Life as a caregiver can be challenging and complicated, but I’d love to show you how to reclaim your joy! I'd love to learn more about you as a caregiver. You can set up a call  by clicking the button below.

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Listen and learn from caregiver  stories. You'll have access to interviews with professional who work with or provide solutions for caregivers.

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1-on-1 coaching

You find that being a caregiver has really lowered your quality of life and you would like to turn it around. You know you need to find a way to reduce stress and enjoy your life but you don't have the energy to figure out how to do it. 

This program will give you the individualized attention you need in order to begin to love your life as a caregiver. This one on one coaching program will give you the roadmap you need to move towards a healthier life and personalized guidance along the way,

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Caregivers rarely take a moment to breathe and settle their own energy or take a minute to care for themselves. Charlotte's program is a breath of fresh air, providing easy ways to build simple, daily habits, to help caregivers take a breath and feel relaxed and to remember to be present for themselves as well. 



Charlotte is both soothing and direct. I appreciate her candor, her honesty and her ability to find pockets of joy in the midst of the chaos of being a caregiver. She knows what she is talking about because she lives it. I’m grateful that she is willing to share her wisdom with the rest of us.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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Own Your Caregiving Role.

You hear from friends and family that you need to take care of yourself so you can continue to be be a caregiver. Yet no one can ever tell you what that really means or looks like. 

Through the Love Your Caregiving Life coaching program you will be supported as you move through a personalized plan that will lead you towards living and loving your caregiving life. 

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