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Love Your Caregiving Life


For spousal caregivers who are tired of the burnout and want to love their life again


Do you want your life back

and are you ready to reclaim it ?!

Are you done with worrying and crying? Tired of the overwhelm and anxiety about what will happen next with your spouse’s health? Are you ready to feel like you have some control over your life and find happiness again? 

Maybe you’ve just been thrust into the role of spousal caregiving and are struggling to find out what this means for your future. Or, maybe you’ve been doing it for a while and feel like you should have it all figured out by now.


Either way, I hear you.

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Do any of these sound familiar...

  • You're resentful that people ask about your spouse but not you.
  • You feel guilty when you want to take a break or do something fun.
  • It hurts that you can’t make your spouse feel better.
  • You’re embarrassed about wishing you could feel sexy with your spouse again.
  • You don't feel like anyone understands what you're going through.
  • People don't understand that you have needs as a caregiver too.
  • You worry so much that you never get a good night's sleep.
  • You’re scared that you don’t know how to take care of the finances or know where important papers are.
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You know things need to change...

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you feel burnt out and overwhelmed

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you resent taking care of your spouse

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your world has been turned upside down and you need help

Ready To Make A Change?

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Hey there, I'm Charlotte.

I started my caregiving journey in 2013 when my husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We quickly learned that the cancer had spread and that there was very little chance of him ever being cancer free. Within a matter of a week our lives were changed and we struggled to figure out how to deal with it all. I was stressed out, overwhelmed and scared. I worried all the time and found myself crying for no reason. I was a mess most of the time but tried to keep life as normal as possible for my family and tried to make it seem like I had everything under control.

I was struggling...

I wasn’t happy… 

I felt like life was just passing me by without being able to participate in it.


The stress of being a caregiver makes it hard for you to be a spouse and parent. Those days when there is little hope and everything feels like a struggle.

Finally an aha moment made me realize that I had the skills I needed in order to turn my life around all along! Someone mentioned to me that I might want to try meditation to help me and it was like a slap in the face. Here I was, a meditation and yoga teacher myself, helping people handle their own stress and I wasn’t using those skills to help myself.

That’s why I created this program. I want to help you find your way to loving your caregiving life! I want to teach you how to use yoga, meditation, self reflection, real conversations with your spouse and find the support you need so you can find the positive side of caregiving. I want to introduce you to these tools, if you've never used them, and support you in finding what will work for you. 

Life as a caregiver can be challenging and complicated, but I’d like to show you how to reclaim your joy.

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I’d really like to enjoy life again… and even get a good night's sleep!

You know you need to make some changes but you don’t have the energy to even figure out how to do that. You’re tired of worry keeping you up at night. In this program you will learn how to enjoy the life that you are living including how to set yourself up for a great day and end it relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

I’m overwhelmed by doing this all by myself and I’m ready for some changes to be made!

You are ready to get some help. Being a caregiver has become overwhelming and you don’t even know who you are anymore. In this program you will put together a core team to help you. You’ll be able to figure out what you need help with and how to set it up to happen all the time or at the times you need it most so you don’t have to figure it out when you’re too exhausted to put the words together.

I love the person I care for but don’t like who I am as a caregiver.

The fact that you stayed when things got rough says a lot about you. It’s been hard for you to take on this caregiving role and sometimes you feel resentful about having to put some parts of your life on hold. You decided to give of yourself because you could, but now you feel like giving gets harder everyday. In this program you will learn how to share the compassion you have for your spouse with yourself. The program will guide you towards stepping into your caregiving role and rule it with a force fueled by your love and dedication to your spouse. It will become clear that taking care of yourself is part of the caregiver job description and not a luxury for people other than you.

I miss my spouse. I feel more like a caregiver than a lover and it hurts my heart to feel this lonely.

You feel like you’re more a caregiver than a spouse right now. You miss the connection you both had before you became their caregiver. You know they are dealing with a lot but it’s hard for you to rededicate your life to take care of them and lose them at the same time. In this program you will reclaim some passion in your life with your spouse. You’ll learn it might need to be different but you will learn how to reinvigorate your relationship with your spouse. You’ll learn how to flip that caregiver switch off whenever you can and be the spouse you want to be.

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"Caregivers rarely take a moment to breathe and settle their own energy or take a minute to care for themselves. This program is a breath of fresh air, providing easy ways to build simple, daily habits, to help caregivers take a breath and feel relaxed and to remember to be present for themselves as well.”


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“Charlotte is both soothing and direct. I appreciate her candor, her honesty and her ability to find pockets of joy in the midst of the chaos of being a caregiver. She knows what she is talking about because she lives it. I’m grateful that she is willing to share her wisdom with the rest of us.”


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You deserve to feel better and I'm going to help you get there.


    • Find time for yourself through the day and realize it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be.
    • Feel better about your life and look forward to doing things that make you happy without feeling guilty.
    • Identify what caregiving should look like for you so you can fully accept the role.
    • Feel stronger and more capable of getting through challenges with a supportive team around you, even if you don’t like asking for help.
    • Enjoy simply hanging out again with your spouse - worry free- even though that feels impossible right now.
    • Feel more secure now that you have access to the documents you need.
    • Know you are ready to jump in, if needed, to take on new responsibilities at home even though the thought of having to do that scares you.



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Private weekly sessions with me that include gentle yoga, meditation and caregiver coaching. No prior yoga experience required.

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Tools that help you define your caregiving role in a way that works for you including access to me any time during the day for support

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Caregiver specific meditations to help you cultivate more calm and resilience. Never meditated? Perfect. I'll make it as comfortable and timely as you need it to be. 

Ready to love your caregiving life?

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Here's how it all shakes out...

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Love Your Role

Identify what kind of caregiver you'd like to be.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Understand where the caregiving role can fit in with the other roles you play.
  • Understand what your caregiving expectations, limitations and boundaries are.
  • Participate in fun and creative ways to fully accept your caregiving role and enjoy life at the same time.
  • Learning how to make caring for yourself an important part of your day.
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Love Your Care Team

Create a team for yourself so you have more time to love your caregiving life.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • End the month with a support team plan that will lighten the load you are carrying so you can free up some time for yourself.
  • Create a system that you can use when you need help in the future (after surgery, winter storms etc). This will eliminate the need to figure out how to ask for help when you need it most but are too overwhelmed.
  • Identify the part of caregiving that you enjoy or would like to do and how to let go of the things you don’t.
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Love Your Spouse

Learn how to reconnect with your spouse or partner and love living with them again.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • How you’d like to reconnect, identify new things to do and ways to enjoy each other again.
  • How to have a better appreciation of the power of the small gestures and the quiet moments with the person you love.
  • Ways to allow yourself to become vulnerable again and explore ways to find the intimacy you would like to have in your relationship.
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Love The Organization

Identify, organize and create the legal, financial and medical documents you need to have in order to feel more at ease.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Identify issues that may arise when speaking with your spouse about finances and paperwork.
  • Learn and reflect on personal roadblocks you may have when it comes to finances and running the household.
  • Create a caring and empathetic plan to work with your spouse in getting everything organized and identify documents that need to be found, updated or created.
  • Create a system to keep all of your important household, legal, medical and financial documents so you feel comfortable with the possibility of having to take over running the household if needed.

Are you ready to finally get the support you need and begin to love your caregiving life?

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Is this for me?

Who Is This For?

This program is for spousal caregivers who want to find a positive way to approach their role of caregiving so they can learn to love their life again. It is for those who would like to thrive instead of just survive and recognize they need some support in order to do that. This program is for caregivers who are ready to leave the worry, stress and overwhelm behind and find happiness, connection and security. This program is for people who never have considered yoga or meditation and for those who have. It is for all people who are caring for a spouse or partner, of any age and no matter what their sexual orientation is or how they identify. 

I'm here to meet you where you are, without judgment, and help you get to where you want to go.

Who This Isn't For

  • Caregivers who have no interest in finding positive ways to approach their caregiving role.
  • Caregivers who have no interest in working on their spousal relationship.
  • Caregivers who don’t want to have a clear picture of where their household documents are or work to identify and organize Financial, Medical and Legal documentation.
  • Caregivers who refuse to participate in Yoga or Meditation.
  • Caregivers who do not have reliable internet access and a computer or device, the ability to get on Zoom calls and the ability to download pdfs or watch videos online
  • Caregivers who feel they should just do everything all by themselves no matter what effect it has on their physical and mental health.


You're covered by our 7 day guarantee.

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Let me start by saying the Love Your Caregiving Life Program  is one of the most comprehensive private coaching programs available for spousal caregivers who are ready to bring happiness back into their lives again.

I feel confident in my ability to teach you the skills needed in order to be an attentive spousal caregiver AND live your best life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You are so ready for this journey!

Take the first step towards loving your caregiving life.

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