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"I'm tired of feeling like crap, not getting enough sleep, and being in a bad mood all the time!"

-every caregiver at 3am

It's time for you to find easy ways to start feeling happy again so you can enjoy life with the ones you care for.

Introducing Caregiving Confessions!

Caregiving Confessions a monthly digital magazine delivered straight to your email inbox that is made especially for you, a caregiver wanting to live more and suffer less.
Yes! I need this!

People are always telling you that you need to care for yourself but you have no idea what that means, nor do you have the energy to figure it out!

Caregiving Confessions is for you if… 

You’re tired of reading lists of things you should do and then having to search for how to do them (which you never have time for anyway).

You want to finally enjoy your life and stop feeling like you’re the only one left out of this “secret of self-care”

You want to be able to get in-person support as you work on learning the skills you want to learn to be better able to care for yourself

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What You Get Each Month

  • Easy and approachable ways to find time for yourself throughout the day to energize you, reduce your stress and rule your caregiving role with self-care tools like meditation downloads and journal sheets.
  • PDF checklists, quizzes, and worksheets so you can integrate and apply what you’re learning. 
  • Fun music playlists, book/movie and website recommendations for when you want to take your mind off things.   
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Your Caregiving Confessions Guide 

Charlotte is actively a caregiver for her husband and has been since 2013. She knows how frustrating it is to be told to “just breathe” or “you can’t give from an empty cup” without any follow-up on how to actually do those things.

You not only get an actionable way to care for yourself each month but you’ll also get fun things for you to try, music to listen to, and a curated collection of entertainment that you can fit into your busy day.

I’m tired of feeling like crap, not getting enough sleep, and being in a bad mood all the time.”  
- every caregiver when they can’t fall asleep at 3 am.  


You're not alone!

We've all had that moment when we just wanted to walk away from being a caregiver.

Or maybe run away is the better way to say it!

All you want to do is sleep, or talk to someone about how you feel without fear of being judged.

If this sounds like you then Caregiving Confessions is what you need!

Yes! I need this!

Got Questions? I've Got Answers! 

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You’re Ready For This!   


Caregiving can feel very lonely. Even if you have family and friends that support you they never seem to really get what you’re going through. You just want to find someone that gets you so you can talk about the things that are really weighing you down. 

Caregiving Confessions is all about showing up in a world that makes you feel invisible. It’s about learning to make yourself a priority so you can be the best caregiver possible. Caregiving Confessions is about learning to find ways to love the life you are living. 

Join your community of fellow caregivers today.

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