Episode 62: Caregiver Conversation with Kayla Estenson Williams

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Show Notes

2:30 How to know if therapy is right for you.

3:11 Benefits of Therapy.

4:00 Reasons therapy is beneficial for caregivers

4:25 Expectations for your first therapy session.

7:30 Vulnerability and feeling uncomfortable is ok.

8:41 Worries about being judged by family and friends

10:00 The Therapist has a plan. No need to worry about having things to talk about.

11:30 Finding a therapist you’re comfortable with.

14:40 Making the decision to finally go to therapy.

15:15 The difference between therapy and Facebook groups and phone apps.

23:00 Your own personal cheerleader.

24:00 Knowing you need therapy but living around people who stigmatize therapy.

25:00 Honoring your needs and processing boundaries with your therapist.

28:00 Therapy is more that talk. The tools and skills you can learn with your therapist.

30:00 How therapy can help you become a more effective caregiver.

33:00 Problem solving and processing emotions.

36:00 Therapy is what you need for it to be.

38:03 You don’t need to know what you need help with when you go to therapy. Your therapist will help you figure that out.

39:36 Crying

40:00 Therapy is there for YOU.

42:19 Things to think of if you are still hesitating.

44:00 How to find a therapist. Links mentioned.

Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us

Therapy Den:  https://www.therapyden.com/

Open Path Collective: https://openpathcollective.org/

46:00  Charlotte relates her experiences with therapy.

48:00 Realizing, once you go to therapy, that you should have started a long time ago.


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